O'WELL Alcohol Prep Pads | Professional Grade | Sterile | Medium 2-Ply

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Individually Wrapped, Gamma Sterilized, Antiseptic 

Our medical-grade, 2-ply, gamma sterilized antiseptic cotton swab alcohol pads are the perfect solution for preparing and disinfecting skin prior to injections, blood tests, and diabetes blood glucose tests. They’re also great for sanitizing and disinfecting minor cuts and scrapes. (2.5in x 1.25in) 

  • A FIRST-AID ESSENTIAL: From cleaning cuts, and scrapes, to sanitizing skin prior to injections for blood work, blood tests, keto tests, immunizations, blood glucose lancing, or insulin shots. O’WELL alcohol pads cater to a wide variety of sanitization needs.
  • ANTISEPTIC & STERILE: Containing 70% Isopropyl, our prep pads prevent infections prior to injections for medical exams. They feature a soft, extra moist, and highly absorbent 2-ply construction, and are individually wrapped in tinfoil to preserve potency and effectiveness. 
  • FOR PROFESSIONAL & HOME USE: Our pads are conveniently packed and certified (NDC-FDA) to be used in professional settings like hospice care centers, hospitals, and medical facilities or as part of any household’s essential first aid kit.
  • Here to help: Before, during, or after your purchase, there is an actual person here ready to answer any of your questions or concerns.  If you need further assistance, please reach out to us 24/7 via email or call us toll-free, at 212.227.9355 (owell).

Please note:

This is not intended to disinfect surfaces and is not large enough to disinfect or sanitize larger areas on your skin.