Glucomate Blood Glucose Monitor Kit

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Glucomate HT100 Blood Glucose Monitoring System (previously known as Tyson HT100 Diabetes Testing Kit) is a premium Glucose test kit for home use designed to help you monitor and manage your blood sugar levels, and to make blood glucose testing simple, convenient, and affordable. Our blood sugar test kit includes a premium glucometer glucose meter blood sugar monitor, diabetic test strips with lancets, painless lancing device, control solution, user manual, quick reference guide, log book and carry case for you glucometer kit with strips and lancets and all the necessary diabetic supplies to go along your glucose meter. Glucomate glucose monitor offers incredible accuracy, with each diabetes test. Our advanced technology and testing range offers unmatched accuracy when compared to any other blood sugar test performed outside of a professional lab. Our all-inclusive blood sugar test kit will arrive with all the necessary diabetes supplies to start testing and monitoring your blood sugar levels immediately. Our glucometer with strips does not require any setup or coding and is pre-programed to recognize the encrypted codes on our Glucomate HT100 glucose test strips.

Glucose Monitoring Kit Online

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Glucometer
  • 50 Diabetic Test Strips
  • 50 30G Lancets
  • Lancing Device
  • Diabetes Testing Kit Travel Case