Glucomate Blood Glucose Control Solution

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  • Glucomate HT100 Control Solution can be used to complete a quality check on your Glucomate HT100 or Tyson HT100 Blood Glucose Monitoring System and Test Strips (will not work with any other OWELL Blood Glucose Monitoring System). Although Control Solution is not required to perform a glucose test, it can help you determine if your meter and test strips are performing properly and should be used in the event of unsuspected or inconsistent test results.
  • How to use: Set your meter to “Control Solution” mode and insert the test strip firmly into the meter testing port with the red arrow facing up. Once inserted correctly, a flashing blood drop icon will appear on your meter screen, indicating that your test strips are now ready to perform a control solution test. The test results should be within range marked on your test strips vial.
  • Expiration Date: Due to the sensitive nature of control solution in general, expiration dates might be shorter than expected but should always be at least 6-12 months from purchase date. Once bottle has been opened, it should not be used for more than 6 months.
  • Care Instructions: Always close the cap immediately after each use and store in a dry and cool place. Always keep your diabetes testing supplies away from direct sunlight and extreme heat or cold temperatures.
  • OUR FOREVER GUARANTEE! OWELL Health is committed to providing the highest quality wellness products and best in class customer service and product support. Should you need any assistance with your blood glucose monitor or blood sugar test strips, please call or email our live customer support team. Our trained professionals will be able to assist you via phone or email.